Vegetarian But Want Sushi? Read This One

Sushi is a popular food among tourists to Japan, and for those with dietary concerns, there are several vegetarian and vegan sushi options. What type of sushi is vegetarian? Read on to see!


Nigiri-style Vegan Sushi
Nigiri sushi is the most popular variety of sushi as it is known today. A ball of vinegared rice is formed into a little log by the sushi chef. Without the use of weighing scales, sushi chefs can produce these accurate measurements by hand.

Mushroom Nigiri with Shiitake
Shiitake mushrooms are a particular variety with a powerful, savory flavor that is frequently dried for use in soup stock. When used in sushi, the mushrooms are often lightly flamed and lightly seasoned with salt or soy sauce to improve the flavor.

Nasu Nigiri
Nasu Nigiri is eggplant-based sushi that can be pickled for a chewier texture or grilled for a mouth-melting softness. Another well-liked variation of this sushi is served with tempura eggplant and is frequently accompanied by grated ginger.

Avocado Nigiri
A common ingredient in many various types of sushi is avocado, sometimes known as the “butter of the forest.” If the rice is served in nigiri form, an avocado slice is placed on top. The avocado slice is normally mildly salted and secured with a thin strip of nori seaweed.

Tamagoyaki Nigiri
Tamagoyaki nigiri is a rice ball with an omelet slice on top that is frequently encased in a thin seaweed belt. It’s a good idea to ask if dashi has been put on the omelet, and some eateries might be willing to create the tamagoyaki sushi for you without dashi if you ask.

Kappa Maki
With a slice of cucumber wrapped in a delicate roll of rice and seaweed, the kappa maki-cucumber roll is a good choice for vegetarians and vegans who enjoy sushi. For frequent sushi diners, this is a well-liked beginning or palette cleanser.